Ciudad Mayakoba.

​In the heart of the Mayan Riviera, the region with the highest economic growth in all of Mexico, within the city of Playa del Carmen lies Ciudad Mayakoba, an innovative model of an integrated, planned and sustainable community.

A new vibrant heart of the Mayan Riviera

A new vibrant heart of the Mayan Riviera.
In the center of the Riviera Maya, the region with the highest economic growth in all of Mexico, within the city of Playa del Carmen lies Ciudad Mayakoba, an innovative model of a comprehensive, planned and sustainable Community of 1,010 acres that will house modern residential and mixed developments of various characteristics, educational institutions, hospital, shopping center, spaces for entertainment, art and culture, as well as shops, restaurants and sports spaces, extensive green areas, biological corridors, pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths and much more.

As if this were not enough, Ciudad Mayakoba will house the Great Metropolitan Park, awarded by the United Nations Organization as an exemplary design with more than 24 acres for the healthy community development of the entire area, the promotion of sports activity, cultural diffusion and environmental awareness. It will also be the home of Mayakoba Village, which will be much more than a shopping center, designed to offer entertainment and leisure options framed in a modern, first-rate design that will be the first option for “retailtainment” of the Mayan Riviera.

A city to be lived by all

A unique model of integrated, planned and sustainable community that embodies the best of the philosophy of respect for the environment with the most modern and quality urban development.

Inclusive community

Ciudad Mayakoba will be a vibrant community where people of diverse nationalities, lifestyles, personal realities, family structures, religions and creeds will live and obtain and the true quality of life they deserve.

Planned community

The present and future of Ciudad Mayakoba stems through the structured approach of its residential, commercial and service components, which will guarantee its appreciation and its seamless integration with the organized growth of the city of Playa del Carmen and will prove to be an exemplary model for the Mayan Riviera in general.

Sustainable Community

In Ciudad Mayakoba, sustainability is intended to encompass three main lines of action since its conceptualization:


Because it centers around human beings and embodies quality of life as the main philosophy


Because 32% of the original jungle will be kept intact (three times more than what is required by law) through smart urban planning that will connect green areas through biological corridors to avoid the isolation of species.


Because it fosters virtuous circles of social and community development that will promote responsible business practices with the rest of the community.

Equipment and Services

Ciudad Mayakoba is much more than a real estate project and much more than the sum of its residential projects. The added value of this community lies in its long-term vision and all its components. An exemplary benchmark for responsible development.