La Ceiba of Ciudad Mayakoba, a paradise that lives and breathes

Entering the Mayan Riviera is reaching a unique paradise in the world, with unique characteristics that make it a unique corner of the planet. Its sunny sky, turquoise sea, white beaches and lush jungle distinguish it from any other tourist destination.

That is why sustainability and harmony with nature are a priority when it comes to looking for a home. La Ceiba of Ciudad Mayakoba is a sustainable development in the Mayan Riviera built on its three pillars: economic, social and, of course, environmental.

The Riviera Maya is paradise on earth.

Ciudad Mayakoba: sustainable development

Ciudad Mayakoba is the first planned, comprehensive and sustainable community in the Mayan Riviera. With more than 331 acres of jungle, a third of the land is dedicated to natural conservation, strictly following environmental and urban regulations.

The main leading principle for Ciudad Mayakoba is to protect the endemic vegetation of the Mayan Riviera, its terrestrial fauna, and one the greatest natural treasure in this region: cenotes. A geomorphological phenomenon that made the original inhabitants of the region fall in love thousands of years ago. A slice of paradise hidden underground.

The end result is an innovative sustainable community that springs naturally from the lush Mayan jungle, with great aesthetics, amenities and services that will guarantee you and your family an incomparable quality of life..

Mayakoba City has 25 wildlife crossings.

A paradise of flora and fauna

The protection of life and the protection of the environment of Ciudad Mayakoba are the result of the joint efforts of various environmental management programs, which include environmental supervision, comprehensive management of vegetation, fauna and waste, dissemination and environmental education, environmental monitoring, safety and attention to contingencies, as well as social and cultural responsibility programs.

As of today, more than 12,000 plants have been rescued and will later be transplanted when development is complete. In addition, 55 individual fauna elements were rescued and relocated for their protection.

All of the above complies with the guidelines of the Federal Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, which will allow Ciudad Mayakoba and La Ceiba to obtain environmental certifications that will attest to our commitment to recreate paradise in the Mayan Riviera.

El diseño de La Ceiba se acopla a la flora natural.