Why should you invest in real estate in the Mexican Caribbean?

The best way to describe the Mexican Caribbean is as simple as one word: Paradise. Located in the Yucatan peninsula, embraced by the Caribbean Sea, the Mayan Riviera is an Eden between a jungle overflowing with vegetation and a turquoise ocean whose beauty has enchanted its inhabitants for thousands of years. Now, the mythical Mayan land is luring the eyes of investors.

Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in the Mayan Riviera.

It is easy to buy Real Estate in the Mexican Caribbean
There are many benefits to buying real estate in the Mayan Riviera. Property taxes in Mexico are much lower compared to those in the United States and Canada. Buying real estate in Mexico is easy and safe. In recent years the number of financing options available to Americans and Canadians through both American and Mexican banks, has steadily grown.

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Cancun: the hub of Mexicoo

The ultramodern Cancun airport offers direct flights to and from almost anywhere in the world. In addition, it is the transportation hub for all destinations in the Yucatan Peninsula. In less than an hour, you can sunbathe in Playa del Carmen or discover the archaeological sites of Tulum, thanks to the various services of personal taxis and luxury buses near the main terminal.

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A constantly developing region

The government of Mexico has continuously committed to allocate funds for new and expanded infrastructure projects. New roads, ports and telecommunications developments have encouraged both international investment and tourism.

Additionally, the current administration has announced the new Mayan train, an ambitious project to build a railroad through five southeastern states. The 932-mile railway will connect Cancun, on the Caribbean coast, and Palenque inland from Chiapas. This four-year project is expected to cost up to $ 7.4 billion dollars and will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

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The beauty of Mexico

The main reason for owning a property is the unmatched beauty of Mexico. A beautiful land with varied ecosystems, great biodiversity and a warm climate, ideal to escape the cold winters north of the Rio Grande.

And how about the warmth of its people? Mexicans are one of the most welcoming and friendly cultures you will ever meet. An ancient culture that has its roots in wanting to make guests feel at home. Not to mention the rich gastronomic offerings and the famous Latin party spirit that makes every new visitor fall in love.

Spacious and cozy interiors.

A safe and promising investment

Of all the investment options available, La Ceiba is the smartest choice. Located within Ciudad Mayakoba, a sustainable community designed to coexist with its natural environment, surrounded by a green belt of 4.6 acres of nature reserve, and 5.9 acres of conservation area. A breath of fresh air to revitalize body and soul.

La Ceiba condos, from 2 to 4 bedrooms, between 1,001 and 1,507 sqft, are perfect for families or couples, with a modern design and meticulous attention to detail. Clubhouse, semi-Olympic pool, children’s playroom, tennis and paddle courts, and many more amenities next to the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

What are you waiting for? Multiply your investment today in the best real estate option in the Mexican Caribbean: La Ceiba Ciudad Mayakoba.

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